What makes america unique essay

How is he different from a European?

What makes america unique essay

Share5 Shares 7K The world is filled with unique and vibrant cultures. These traditions and customs have spread throughout local communities and abroad. Some are delightful, but some may be shocking and unorthodox. For example, in some establishments, it is considered polite for the shopkeeper to refuse payment from a customer of a higher social rank.

The customer understands, however, that the proper response is to insist upon paying. The shopkeeper may refuse payment several times before allowing the customer to convince him to accept. This practice can be very confusing to hapless foreign shoppers. Taarof may also extend to social invitations.

Should the invitee accept, they may inadvertently put their host who may not have wanted them in their house at all in a very awkward position. The practice is predominantly found in the Philippines and some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is said to have been borrowed from the Chinese centuries ago, when Filipinos began to acclimate to the culture of travelers and merchants.

It is quite common at family gatherings to instruct children to ask for a blessing in this manner from their elder relatives.

The villagers gather to lift up the structures, carrying them over quite a distance. Bayanihan occurs mostly in rural provinces, since the abodes found in these areas are made of lighter materials like bamboo and nipa palm wood.

While it does take place in urban areas, it is limited to moving items such as hardware, playground contraptions like swings and seesaws, and basketball courts. For one thing, it is generally believed that the best day for the ceremony to take place is on Thursday, since Friday is the holy day among Muslims.

Two nights before the wedding, the bride is surrounded by women from her side of the family, who paint designs on her hands, arms, and feet. Some symbols are also meant to provide luck and fertility for the woman.

Feathers, soot, rotten eggs, curry, shoe polish, and mud are just a few of the horrors in which the couple can expect to be covered.

This fun-filled tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits, and it also provides a bonding moment for the couple that symbolizes the hardships they are to endure and conquer together. No fewer than different meanings can be expressed by the way a person moves their hands and fingers.

These movements are believed to allow the individual to control the flow of prana, or life energy, and focus their attention toward a certain goal. They can be seen in statues, paintings, dances, plays, yoga, and meditative techniques.

The gyana mudra, wherein the thumb and index fingers touch while the other fingers extend away from the palm, is said to promote mental clarity and calmness, making it the most popular mudra to use for meditative purposes. The agni mudra the thumb touching the middle finger while the rest extend away from the palm symbolizes fire and is said to aid the digestive process.

In Chile, if the host says that dinner will be served at 8: Even parts of the United States have adopted these traditions, because they have attracted large populations of immigrants from these countries who brought their customs with them.

Between the first and second shots, there must be no interruptions whatsoever. Lastly, you should never make the mistake of offering a toast with an empty glass.

Russians also love to swear, but their custom is steeped in superstition. This symbolically spits in the eye of the devil, preventing bad omens or a temptation of fate.

What makes america unique essay

In Denmark, the tooth fairy is called Tann Feen. In Greece and Mauritania, a child does not simply leave his tooth underneath his pillow. Instead, children throw it as hard and as high as they can toward the roof of their home. In Greece, this provides good luck and strong teeth.

In Jamaica, children are told horrible tales about a calf that will take them away unless they place their lost tooth in a can and shake it vigorously. The noise is said to drive the calf away.

Malaysian children take a more spiritual view of their lost teeth—they bury them in the ground, as what was once part of the body must be returned to the Earth. For example, if they want their child to be a doctor, they might bury the teeth near a hospital.

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Some analysts and academics have recommended its implementation in the world of business, given the many irregularities that have faced corporations in the past and present. Conducting business inspired by bushido means working effectively and honestly, with the best interests of your superiors and the public in mind.

Seppuku, or ritual suicide as an alternative to defeat introduced by samurai, has a less vaunted reputation. It was particularly vilified in the wake of World War II, when thousands of Japanese soldiers carried on the practice by choosing to take their lives rather than surrender, but it continues to this day in many parts of Asia.To me, being an American means a commitment to democracy.

We support one another, regardless of race or social class.

What makes america unique essay

We also support others in the world, because America uses its might for good. The United States of America thrives on diversity. A synthesis of the world’s plentiful and varied races, religions, and cultures, America is a home to all, such that . Feb 21,  · Present yourself as unique with specific skills and passion.

4) Use personal stories: You really own your essay in this way and no one else can tell your story; this is what makes you unique. What Makes America Different? America, by contrast, is a nation of people who chose to become Americans.

Even the oldest family tree in the New World has immigrants at its roots. And where did its government, its courts, its businesses, and its saloons come from? Essay always makes school students to comprehend the issue on what it is going to be penned everything might be the subject. You probably will change into most desirable and low priced essay building up support that aren’t even incredibly most likely in order to provide you a good price.

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What Makes America (or Any Country) Great?