How to get assignments done quickly

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How to get assignments done quickly

So far, so… ordinary. Now you run into a road block: For example, you might be working on a new advertising campaign, but you need somebody in Legal to sign off on it.

The process works fine when your contact in the other department is motivated to help you get the work done. So, I asked several people what they found to be effective in getting someone to help them with a project task.

Ask in person Hit their desk. Ask for help in person. When the person said the task wasn't done, my smile would collapse. I'd stare at my shoes, look really crestfallen, and plead that I really need it and please can they do it and what can I do to help them get it done.

If they said something, I'd do it immediately. I guess that was kind of being a pain, but it usually sped up the process. Approach the request as a plea for help not a demand. Ask how the problem can be solved. Offer to assist in achieving the solution. Most people are nice and they do want to help, especially when the request is personal.

Like, say [name of his boss]? Do a favor that helps your colleague. Or, depending on your cynicism level, call it: Or perhaps to show my appreciation, I'll buy them lunch one day. The key for me is making sure that the person I'm making a request from feels like I appreciate the time they're giving me.

So it behooves you to minimize the work the individual has to do. One option is to step back from asking the colleague to do the task; rather, ask for enough information that you can do it yourself. Ask them what they think your next step should be.

But be prepared to do the work, with the information and advice that your colleague gives you. The important point is: Treat them as special. Realize that they are in the best at what they do and therefore are much in demand.

If the person works at the same company as you do as opposed to, say, an outside contractorat some level he should be aware that the organization benefits in revenue or some other measure by the successful completion of this project. That is, establish the value to the individual of what you are doing.

Ultimately, your project should result in financial gain for the company in some way; communicate that as something valuable to the co-worker.

Do you have a moment? The respect is more than words. Sneaking up on people can be a jarring experience for the recipient. Establish the urgency, too: Clarify what will happen if this doesn't get done.

How to get assignments done quickly

And go for personal self interest: Mention your intent to tell his boss how cooperative she was in getting your project completed. If all else fails, of course: Bring in the chocolate. People are willing to do amazing things for food.If your assignment is cut short due to low census you typically will not get paid.

However, your recruiter will attempt to find you a replacement assignment and the number of shifts allowed to be canceled will be written in your contract. We help him come to realize that he wants to do the work because he wants to graduate and the work is the way to get there.

Glasser’s principles have helped us .

How to get assignments done quickly

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